House Concerts

Bars, wineries, cafes, parks, festivals, theaters…we love playing them all, but our favorite shows to play, without a doubt, are house concerts. Sure, you could call an Uber, hire a babysitter, trek through rain or blistering heat, and try to tune out drunken chatty Kathys to enjoy a Freight show. (For real, please keep doing that!) But think how much easier your life could be if Freight came to you!

House concerts are intimate, connection-based gatherings. Remember back when people actually listened to music? When people wanted to hear the lyrics? When you went to a concert to get a window into the performer’s soul that maybe helped you understand your own soul a little better?

Okay, this is getting way too pretentious. Sorry. Let’s just get to the details of a house concert.

An individual (you?) hosts a house concert featuring musical artists (us?) in their living room/backyard/roof/fiberglass-covered pool. It’s either a private thing, where they reach out to family & friends, or a semi-private thing where the show is posted publicly but they have to email for information. Some hosts provide snacks or dinner, but nobody’s going to judge you if it’s a potluck. (BYOB, obviously. Ain’t nobody trying to buy that much La Croix.) We’ll play for 90+ minutes, with a break in the middle to chat with you and your friends so they can be impressed by how well-acquainted you are with such good-looking, well-read, pleonastic performers.  It’ll kinda look like this;

How does this work out for us? Pass that hat! Tell attendees there’s a suggested donation of $10-$20 (we can figure that out beforehand.)
We’ll also have CDs for sale, so if people throw in more than the suggested donation we’ll be happy to give them music to take home. If we break $500, we’ll stick around to help you clean up after all your friends. (jk. We’d do that for like $200.)

Your job? Attendance. Get out the word, Facebook, Tweet, Snap, Instagram, Reply-All to your conspiracy-email-forwarding uncle. We’re happy to help with figuring out how to get people out. (We’d also be happy to grace your couches with our sleeping bags, but that’s not required.)

We really want to play a house concert for you. You don’t know it yet, but you really want us playing at your house. If you’re interested in making this happen (or are interested in making this happen in your friend’s living room so you don’t have to clean up) let’s talk. Shimmy on over to our Booking page!

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