Grover Anderson

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Declaring oneself “The Optimist” is a bold move, especially on an album with as many songs of murder, heartache, and South American gunslinging as Grover Anderson’s 2014 release has. Even interweaved with the songs about growing old together or how much fun it is being the big spoon, there’s always a thorn or two hidden somewhere in Grover’s rose-colored glasses. A long-held belief that the Darkness makes us appreciate the Light permeates his songwriting, and informs his mission to celebrate life through all its ups and downs through songwriting and performance.

Grover was raised in the historic gold rush town of Murphys, CA. The rich culture of the area (along with lifelong immersion in fiction, theater and 90’s country music) instilled a storytelling nature that is evident in Grover’s writing. He assembled a bar band while attending UC Santa Barbara, put all of the tips from his restaurant job into a jar, and used it to record a pop/rock album.

After some layovers in LA and Oakland, Grover and his recently formed family returned to Murphys to reconnect with the small mountain atmosphere that provided such inspiration as a youth. Living in California’s vastly varying environments provided ample material for his next two albums, which Grover self-funded and produced. “Moonshine”, the opening track on the mostly-acoustic Tourniquet (2011), has grown into a fan favorite since its original recording as a duet with LA artist Samantha Free, with over 715k streams on Spotify & Pandora. While recording The Optimist (2014), which includes love songs like “Little Spoon” and “Sick of You” and more tragic ballads “The Lampolier” and “Grindstone“, Grover assembled the finest musicians he could find to create a diverse collection of songs, from country, rock, bluegrass, jazz, and alt-indie.  His most recent project, From the Pink Room, is a collection of acoustic songs that Grover recorded at his home studio deep in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Grover’s true passion is live performance. Whether performing solo with his acoustic guitar or with the full band behind him, he channels musical heroes like Garth Brooks and Josh Ritter, leaving everything he has on stage. He is a passionate performer who grows his fanbase with every gig, be it for a wine bar of thirty or an amphitheater of thousands.

Jimbo Scott

Jimbo Scott is a performing songwriter who was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Oakland, California. Steeped in traditions of folk, roots, country, bluegrass and rock, Jimbo has developed a unique soulful sound. With a rich and powerful voice, Jimbo sings songs dedicated to a vivid world, full of passion and color. His keen sense of introspection makes each song both revealing and resonant.

Jimbo was exposed to a wide range of musical styles from an early age. His early school years were marked by years in chorus and band focused on performing the blues, afro-cuban rhythms, folk music and the music of the civil rights movement. Jimbo often attended shows at Berkeley’s Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse. These experiences helped to instill a love for harmonies, improvisation and songwriting. When Jimbo was 13, he picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time and it has been his primary creative vehicle ever since.

In 2013 Jimbo released the full-length album, “Weekends at the Madhouse”, a collection of folk, rock and country songs. Originally intended to be a solo acoustic album it soon became, what Jimbo calls “an experiment in the possible” in which he laired acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, keys, drums and bass to create a full and sweeping collection that featured performances by numerous friends. The highlight of the album was the song “Fool Outta Me” which featured Marc Lionetti on guitars and backing vocals. The whimsical song about the foolishness of love has been featured on numerous radio stations and continues to be one of Jimbo’s favorites to perform.

2014 was a benchmark year for Jimbo. His song “Something Good For Me” was a finalist for Best Song by an Oakland Solo Artist in the Oaktown Mayhem Fest. Jimbo was also featured as a performer and contributing song writer on Grover Anderson’s release “The Optimist” with their collaboration on the jolly and harmony heavy song, “Pick Up Your Horn”. Jimbo was a featured interviewee in the critically acclaimed documentary “Free in Song” about his mentor and teacher, Melanie DeMore. Jimbo’s song “River Don’t Sleep” was included in a collection of art and music dedicated to the Mokolumne River, which winds its way through the California gold country. The collection, called River Reflections was commissioned by Amador Arts, the Calaveras County Arts Council, Foothill Conservancy and the East Bay Municipal Utility District. Jimbo’s latest release, 2015’s “The Parklands” was inspired by the National Parks and features Tim Snider on strings. It is a meditation on our impact on the natural world and the need to preserve open spaces.

Now, Jimbo is focusing on releasing new material that reflects his increasingly acoustic sound. He continues to perform throughout the Bay Area and Northern California as a solo act, with his full band and in collaboration with various other folk artists. In a world with an increasing need for brave voices, Jimbo hopes to raise his own.